Welcome to the Domaine of Lapeyrade, Producer of the Armagnac des Roys de France, the elixir of Tenareze.

Domaine de Lapeyrade Histoiry of l'Armagnac Armagnac des Roys de France

The oldest french brandy

The Armagnac is the oldest brandy (eau de vie) of France. The first written trace concerning Armagnac is in 1310. That year, Maitre Vital Dufour describe in his book the 40 virtues of Armagnac. Therefore in 2010, we celebrate the 700 years of Armagnac, even if Armagnac probably existed long before this first trace. For example, the Armagnac production was aleady 279 years old when Henri IV, whose portrait adorns our bottles, was crowned king of France.

Écusson représentant Henry IV présent sur nos bouteilles.

The Armagnac : The Élixir of Ténarèze

In the beginning, the Armagnac is called "Aqua Ardente" (burning water, water of life). It is considered as a medecine. In our region, it's sometime called "Élixir de la Ténarèze". Elixir, for its virtues; Ténarèze, from the name of a former road, that have been a Roman road and use to allow to walk from Bordeaux to the Pyrénnés mountains without crossing bridge or ford.

From medicinal virtues to gustatory virtues

Thereafter, Armagnac is more and more consumed for its gustatory qualities. In 17th century, the Armagnac trade develops.

The Appelation d'Origine contrôlée (AOC)

In 1878, the French vineyard is almost completely destroyed by phylloxera. The wine and Armagnac productions are dramatically affected. In 1909, an ordinance of president Armand Fallière create the area of Appelation d'Origine Contrôlé of Armagnac. It is divided into three regions:

Every of these regions are known for their specific taste of Armagnac. This Armagnac is reknown for its vivid, full-bodied taste and for obtaining gorgeous and sophisticated flavours after oldering in oak barrel.

Armagnac nowadays

The Armagnac is still drunk as a digestive. It can be used to perfume cocktails, or in cuisine. The Armagnac is also a base to prepare traditional derived goods like dried prunes in Armagnac and Armagnac liquor.

Recently, studies published in Thrombosis Research have shown that the origin of the "French Paradox" might be due to compounds naturally present in Armagnac (study based on Armagnac fraction lyophilized and free of alcohol).